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Monday, April 4th, 2005
6:22 pm
Monster headache
I've been sick since like, last Sunday. Not yesterday, the one before.


I'm taking the entire week off of work next week.

Or sooner, if I so choose.
Friday, April 23rd, 2004
2:32 pm
New Avatar
Thanks Gabe.
Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
4:24 pm
Been so long...

All the cool ppl usin livejournal.. Not me though.. I can never think of anything to write without sounding incredibly cheesy or stupid. Not nearly as clever as some others.

Maybe I'll start writing a little bit here, I just hate internet stalkers though, and I'm sure people from my past are going to use crap against me!


Current Mood: bored
Wednesday, July 17th, 2002
10:23 pm
Wednesday, December 26th, 2001
2:27 am
AIM people are gay.
This is my conversation with some dude who was annoying this really cool chick that I know, possibly more to come of her in future posts..

DyeHead: Hey leave my chick alone before I pummel you into submission
fbf2040: i know you are not fucking with me now are
DyeHead: Um, Yes I would be, you gay ass italic writing neanderthal
fbf2040: dude do you like your comp
DyeHead: Hey blow me
DyeHead: you are no l337 hax0r
fbf2040: because if you do then you best stay away
DyeHead: Dude stop you're scaring me *cringe*
fbf2040: ok just wait
DyeHead: *waiting*
DyeHead: Damn you must code for linksys cuz you're breaking through my firewall
fbf2040: you just wait
DyeHead: I am waiting
DyeHead: Hax0r me dude
DyeHead: Oh did I mention that I work for the abuse department of a major ISP?
DyeHead: Let me just hand your IP off to my manager :-)
DyeHead: The FBI doesn't like terrorist threats
DyeHead: especially when we attatch them to your IP
DyeHead: *yawn*
fbf2040: is that so
DyeHead: Yeopz
fbf2040: you think you scare me
DyeHead: I don't give a shit what I do to you, if I gave you a stiffy I wouldn't care
fbf2040: i have had better done to me
DyeHead: I don't want to hear about your homosexual adventures, this is not story time with Mr. Rogers.
fbf2040: you funny boy
DyeHead: You illiterate boy.
fbf2040: yup that is me
DyeHead: It's good that you can admit this to yourself, a step towards self improvement.
DyeHead: You may go now.

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, December 23rd, 2001
10:13 pm
I saw Lord of the Rings last night.

Elijah Wood is gay.

The rest of the movie was pretty damned good, was 3 hours long, but I wasn't looking at my watch every 15 seconds like I was when I saw TITANIC.

Liv Tyler is fucking hot. Not enough of her in the movie. Not enough by far.

Work today has been wonderful. I have chatted, fiddled around, and done practically nothing. ACD=21 ATT=1:21
I've been here approximately 7 hours. Do the math. ACD is how many calls I've taken, and ATT is my Average Talk Time. My job is rewarding sometimes.

I would also like to thank someone very special, Kate, for supplying me with my account code. You are surely an angel. May you be blessed by a thousand aquatic sea elves that turn you into some sort of mermaid so you can be even more alluring.
Tuesday, December 18th, 2001
3:40 pm
UGH. god dammit I feel like shit.
So I go to sleep, for some reason freezing my ass off.. Probably because I was almost totally naked.. But anyway, I put on some sweatpants, which allowed me to sleep, But I had the weirdest dreams, And I woke up every 15 minutes, followed by the same dream, a dream where reality was there, but everything I wanted to do was being repressed, like it were off limits.. Of course I can't remember any specific examples.. But I woke up with a fever and a headache, and I am sore all over.
So I decide to take tylenol, and see if I can make it to work. I sat in my car for about 10 minutes which at the time seemed like literally a half an hour. So I drive to work (incredibly slowly, and carefully for some reason). I get to work, get out of my car (slowly) and proceed to shuffle slowly toward the building. About half way, I see my supervisor. Cool, he can tell me what I should do. He says don't go inside. So, I drive home. Slowly and carefully.
I feel like ass. Anyone have any good ideas of how to feel better? I don't want to go back to sleep and enter that paralyzing dreamworld of pain and suppression.
Monday, December 17th, 2001
12:38 pm
This is my first livejournal post. Fear me.
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